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Custom Storage Solutions

Frequently, we're asked by our clients for ideas on how to make their home have "more space". It comes down to using the space you have as efficiently as possible-- and sometimes using space you don't even know you have. 

Long Island Craftmaster has been called upon to create some of the most interesting storage solutions, from fully custom build-outs to the semi-custom design featured here.

By utilizing a modular cabinet system (in this case, from Ikea), and by building out the closet system into the attic space adjacent to the master bedroom, we were able to build a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall closet that increased their master bedroom storage to an astounding 600 cubic feet, almost four times the storage they imagined was possible. One of the former closets was turned into a makeup area with special purpose lighting.

Let our experience and insight help you come up with solutions you might not have considered. Call us at 631-544-5094.

More Photos:

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