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Huntington Master and Hall Baths

For many families, the home they purchased years ago no longer fits the needs of the family as tastes, preferences, and even family composition change over time. Often, this means reexamining the master bedroom and bathroom, and frequently a re-design and modernization of the main hall bath as well. This Huntington renovation is a case in point.


The entire space of the former master and main hall baths was combined into a single canvas, then re-divided to create brand new master bathroom and main hall bath designs from scratch.

The redesign included many luxurious upgrades that called on the craftsmanship and skills of the Long Island Craftmaster team: wall mounted faucets, modern 24"x48" floor tiles, heated floors, hidden LED lighting, and floating vanities were just a few.

Check out more details on this project on our Facebook page, the Lieberstein Family Bathroom Redesign.


If you've been dreaming of that new master bath suite, we would love to work with you and make that dream come true. Call us at 631-544-5094.

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